Bloomfield Intelligence

Bloomfield Intelligence is in charge of producing the information needed to make investment decisions. It is responsible for making analyses that enable Bloomfield Investment Corporation to take position on risk inherent in a financial product, a branch of industry or a geographical area. Bloomfield Intelligence’s analyses are intended to support the decision-making processes of the rating agency’s clients.

Bloomfield Intelligence supports Bloomfield Ratings with the development of credit ratings. Indeed, the analyses carried out complement the team’s knowledge of risks caused by factors external to rated entities (country risk, sector risk, etc.).

Bloomfield Intelligence’s approach consists of an in-depth analysis of information collected from data agencies, supplemented by interviews with key players. This approach helps to compare the agency’s positions with the reality on the ground, so as to make Bloomfield Investment Corporation’s opinion more reliable. It ensures the accuracy of the position taken on short-, medium- and long-term investment risk and outlooks.

For all opinions expressed, Bloomfield Intelligence provides an evaluation grid based on parameters aiming to monitor dynamics over time. Elements justifying the opinions and anticipated outlooks are summarized in evaluation sheets enabling the user to make effective decisions.