Bloomfield SMEs

Bloomfield SMEs is a department of Bloomfield Investment Corporation, specialized in the commercial credit risk management within private and public companies. It is in the logic of environmental sanitation in the credit market on the African continent.

Bloomfield SMEs has a preventive approach to credit risk management. We allow the company to have the mastery of level of the credit risk to adopt mechanisms to reduce losses and collection costs.

Thus, prior knowledge of the ability and willingness to repay your debt at a credit transaction, allows you to put in place safeguards to prevent potential monetary losses.

The preventive approach by Bloomfield SMEs credit risk management is to:

  • Give you an idea of customer default probability by evaluating and categorizing the accrued credit risk level
  • Highlight the different levels of exposure (underexposure or overexposure) credit risk
  • To allow you to focus on your main mission: to grow your business while satisfying your customers and generating profits for your shareholders.