Ceo Foreword

In this globalized world where economies are supposed to be interdependent the access to financial resources attributed to the development of businesses and countries, should be easy; through financial tools and the availability of liquidities, most countries in sub-Saharan Africa seem to be left out.

We live in a world where economies are interdependent, access to financial resources and sophisticated financial tools fundamental to the growth of businesses or the development of countries is relatively easy. That is true in most parts of the world with the exception of most countries in Sub-saharan Africa.

This phenomenon can be partly explained by the timidity of our capital markets, the difficulties of our countries and enterprises to have access to financial resources on the local, regional and international markets. And also by the lack of transparency in the management of public and private affairs, the lack of good governance, the asymmetry of information between capital providers and capital seekers, the disproportionate and inadequate tax system and a strong regulation.

This situation is leaving us behind our fellow Asians, Americans and Europeans. The time has come for sub-Saharan Africa, considered as the investors’ “El Dorado”, to wake up and build the right systems that will make it competitive and allow it to catch up to the rest of the world.

Bloomfield Group wants to participate in the process of reinventing sub-Saharan Africa’s marketplace through both of its entities: Bloomfield Investment Corporation which is specialized in credit rating, economic and financial research and Blueprint, specialized in construction, management and trading of luxury estate developments.

We seek to contribute to boosting the capital markets of the region and of the continent, firstly, specifically the credit market. And at the same time, reassure through our tools and expertise, the local and foreign investors, the regulation authorities and the depositors. Together, with a strong contribution from each other, we will succeed in repositioning Africa on the global economic and financial map.


 Stanislas Zeze
Chief Executive Officer
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